About InPlanning

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Why InPlanning?

In Planning takes the lead to e-publish books, magazines and journals on spatial planning. InPlanning started as an initiative to fill in the gap commercial publishers were creating by showing a lack of interest in publications which were not written in English, while increasing their prices for products they were still willing to publish. InPlanning allows schools to maintain country related publications at low costs. These publications will also become visible on and assessable at the European level. Read more ico


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Editorial Board

The InPlanning editorial board is the main responsible body on behalf of the participating planning schools from Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Wageningen. Read more ico

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Onze visie

In Planning is een online platform voor kwalitatief hoogstaande publicaties op het gebied van planologie. Eén gebruiksvriendelijk platform waar je als student, academicus, professional of gewoon geïnteresseerde terecht kunt voor een actueel overzicht van alles wat speelt binnen het vakgebied planologie. Read more ico