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​​Welcome on the new InPlanning platform!

We proudly present you the newly designed InPlanning publishing platform. InPlanning is AESOP's digital platform for sharing information on spatial planning: By country, Europe wide, and even beyond. InPlanning shows AESOP publications, the PhD series, the EU Espon page, and much more. In the coming months the planning communities of eight European countries will present themselves on InPlanning. They will present publications and news items from each and every country, but relevant beyond a national level. The InPlanning environment for The Netherlands is already realised, so take a look!

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Information sharing

InPlanning is getting strong country support. Since the 2014 AESOP Utrecht conference eight countries have announced to make use of InPlanning. In most of these countries Member schools are setting up National Editorial Boards. Consequently InPlanning is transforming from AESOP's pilot project into a European digital platform of information sharing in support of planning communities within multiple countries.

Huge database

The platform's new design shows the transformation of InPlanning into a multi-country structure under the AESOP umbrella. This will support member schools and the institutional environment (country) they are part of in sharing information which is meant to last. The newly designed platform will grow steadily and will show more and more country-related items and publications. Aside from all its digital advantages, InPlanning consists of a huge database of repositories that will sustain, maintain, organise and label all kinds of documents: Peer reviewed, professional, study and popular books, a whole set of independent planning journals, a PhD series, games and video's and MOOCS.

Why InPlanning?

InPlanning started as an initiative to fill in the gap commercial publishers were creating by showing a lack of interest in publications which were not written in English, while increasing their prices for products they were still willing to publish. As an AESOP initiative InPlanning allows member schools to maintain country related publications at low costs. These publications will also become visible on and assessable at the European level.

Why a new InPlanning environment?

InPlanning is progressing much faster than expected. With eight countries and their AESOP member schools having expressed the desire to become part of InPlanning, its site, the platform and all its advantages, this means a fundamental reconstruction of the InPlanning web environment became essential:

  • to assure more flexibility and diversity in making 'products of knowledge' available in the near future;
  • to allow journals and thematic groups independency to act within their own 'environment' on the InPlanning platform;
  • to allow each country autonomous space to present themselves to their own liking, according to their own identity and responsibility; and
  • to allow it to grow further the moment more countries, journals and groups want to participate.

An AESOP Strategy: 'The future of sharing knowledge'

Central will be the role of AESOP's InPlanning and its plural ways of sharing, linking and combining information on spatial planning through various national and international structures. These linkages via InPlanning have to be beneficial to multiple cultures and in support of various collectives: Dissemination of knowledge in a digital and open access world is becoming a joint responsibility. With InPlanning, AESOP is willing to make a giant strategic leap forward, positioning withinits community platform for sharing sustainable information. This InPlanning platform is fully digital. The InPlanning digital environment positions the AESOP community at the very heart of the virtual revolution, assuring the virtual is part of AESOP's future. Participating in and interacting with the virtual does not only open up a world still slightly unknown to most of us, it also allows us to learn how to cope with and how to express ourselves within the digital environment. This learning process will no doubt be in support of the member schools and others being part of the international planning community.

Country Editorial Boards

Central to InPlanning's institutional set up are the editorial boards, which are organized by country, language region, journal and theme. These editorial boards are a source of inspiration to make use of InPlanning in the best possible way, while assuring its (academic) qualities. The editorial boards are responsible for inviting and / or accepting journals, magazines, books, phd theses, documents, reports, videos, posters, documentaries, animations and such to be put on the platform for being shared with a wider audience. Quality conditions are to be composed in a transparent way to allow all to understand the conditions under which information is being shared. In particular information that desires the criterion of 'academic publication', including a process of double blind, peer review is essential for our community to flourish. As every country and region has its own rules this development will not be centrally guided, although it has to resonate well with the overall terms of InPlanning. These terms are the responsibility of the AESOP InPlanning General Editorial Board.

Does this inspire you?

We sincerely hope and expect AESOP's InPlanning digital platform will be a success for the planning community and a means to allow the planning community to develop further. We are very much interested in your opinion and ideas. We invite you to react and share your views.

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