​​Welcome to the new InPlanning platform!

We present you the newly organized InPlanning publishing platform. InPlanning is a digital platform for sharing information on spatial planning: By country, Europe wide, and even beyond. InPlanning is now funded by the individual planning schools in The Netherlands and Belgium, being the universities of Ghent, Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Wageningen.

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Huge database

The newly designed platform will grow steadily and will show more and more country-related items and publications. Aside from all its digital advantages, InPlanning consists of a huge database of repositories that will sustain, maintain, organise and label all kinds of documents: Peer reviewed, professional, study and popular books, a whole set of independent planning journals, a PhD series, games and video's and MOOCS.

Why InPlanning?

InPlanning started as an initiative to fill in the gap commercial publishers were creating by showing a lack of interest in publications which were not written in English, while increasing their prices for products they were still willing to publish. As originally an AESOP initiative InPlanning allows member schools to maintain country related publications at low costs. These publications will also become visible on and assessable at the European level.

Does this inspire you?

We sincerely hope and expect InPlanning digital platform will be a success for the planning community and a means to allow the planning community to develop further. We are very much interested in your opinion and ideas. We invite you to react and share your views.

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