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New: read your InPlanning books also on laptop, smartphone or PC

Users of our InPlanning app can now also use the Bliyoo app to read our publications. The Bliyoo app makes it possible to read your books and journals also on your laptop, smartphone or PC (besides tablet). You can use your Inplanning account to login on Bliyoo, once you have downloaded the Bliyoo app in AppStore (Apple iPad) or Google PlayStore (Android tablets). 

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This is how it works

When you have installed Bliyoo you first see the 'abonnement pagina'. You won't be needing this so click away by ticking the cross above at the right. You can then login by:

  • Putting the 'Bruna account' to 'Tablisto account'
  • Filling in your (InPlanning) E-mailaddress
  • Filling in your (InPlanning) password

After the first login it will process automatically next times. All publicaties on your account will be visible on your 'Reading table' and you are ready to read!

If you are using multiple devices, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can install Bliyoo on all these devices and login with the same account. Your reading progress wil be synchronized between the devices, provided that you have an internet connection running.

Online Reader

Finally you can also login to the Bliyoo Online Reader, which you will find on You can click above on the line "Log hier in als je reeds Bliyoo klant bent" ('Log in if you already are a Bliyoo customer'), and then:

  • Put the 'Bruna account' on 'Tablisto account'
  • Fill in your (InPlanning) E-mailadress
  • FIll in (InPlanning) password.

Here is where you find the Bliyoo apps

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