ESPON joins InPlanning Platform

With the publication of the Atlas ‘Mapping European Territorial Structures and Dynamics’ on the InPlanning platform ESPON has made a start to its 2020 programme.

Espon atlas cover image

The 2020 programme intends to continue its cooperation and participation with European professional and scientific organisations. Intention is to make ESPONs most relevant documents, atlases and reports available on InPlanning. The ESPON 2013 Programme continued pursuing the achievements attained by ESPON in supporting policy development with evidence in relation to territorial cohesion and the aim of a harmonious and balanced development of the European territory. Over the past seven years, an extended network of European researchers and experts continuously provided new and substantial evidence on Europe's territorial structures, trends, perspectives and policy impacts.

This new knowledge has been provided to enable policy makers and practitioners at all administrative levels to benchmark and position regions, cities and larger territories in their European context, and to include a territorial dimension and a European perspective in their policy considerations.