Art. 1 | Vol. 2 | New ideas and perspectives on planning

Editorial article volume 2, New ideas and perspectives on planning.

Art. 2 | Vol. 2 | Towards an Ethical Turn in Urban Studies:

On the Role of Information and Power in Contemporary Cities.

Art. 3 | Vol. 2 | Honolulu Rail Transit: International Lessons from Barcelona in Linking Urban Form, Design, and Transportation.

This study discusses the urban form of Honolulu and the history and planning of its new rail transit system.

Art. 4 | Vol. 2 | The Spatialisation Struggle: The heritage of open spaces in Baghdad.

This article explores the significance of open space to the formation of local culture and identity.

Art. 5 | Vol. 2 | Preserving and Promoting the Urban Landscape. The French and Italian Debates of the Post-World War II Decades.

This article explores the significance of open space to the formation of local culture and identity.

Art. 6 | Vol. 2 | Immigrant entrepreneurs' access to information as a local economic-development problem

Local economic-development resources fail to address the needs of immigrant entrepreneurs.

Art. 7 | Vol. 2 | Understanding Resilience in Urban Slums: Lessons from Pedda-Jalaripeta, India.

Slums are typically perceived as substandard eyesores, corrupt, makeshift, impoverished and crime-ridden.

Art. 8 | Vol. 2 | Prospects for an EU Macro-Regional Approach in the Black Sea Area

The paper assesses the prospects for projection of the macro-regional idea upon the Black Sea area.

Art. 9 | Vol. 2 | Critical Cities Volume 3: Ideas, knowledge and agitation from emerging urbanists.

Inequality is a matter of everyday life and cities are places where inequality is experienced more violently.

PlaNext, vol.1 Cities that talk

plaNext invites renowned scholars as guest editors for special editions. For this launch edition "Cities that Talk", plaNext is proud to announce Prof. Dr. Jeff Hou, University of Washingon as Guest Editor.

Art. 2 | Vol. 1 | An Anatomy of Hope

The paper seeks to elaborate on the concept of hope and the possibility of a 'politics of hope' that goes beyond negation in relation to contemporary architectural practice.

Art. 3 | Vol. 1 | Safety and Agonistic Conceptions of Public Life

This paper seeks to enable for conceptual resistance towards a desirable urban order of 'safe public realms', to which the 'planning for safety' directly contributes.

Art. 4 | vol. 1 | Re-designing Commons in Italy

The paper gives a critical account of the recent Italian debate on Commons concentrating on some theoretical problems, with reference to two different components.

Art. 5 | Vol. 1 | Brazilian Uprising

The spatial diffusion of protests during the June Journeys and the politics of identity.