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Beitske Boonstra, Peter Davids, Annelies Staessen

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388 pages

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Opening up the planning landscape

Over the past 15 years, the actor-relational approach of planning grew and evolved from an interactive system between leading actors, factors of importance within evolving institutional settings to a co-evolutionary perspective on spatial planning.

The various actor-relational and complexity-sensitive research and applications in the Flemish and Dutch landscape and beyond collected in this book demonstrate how this actor- relational approach of planning is not a fixed methodology but rather an attitude which (co-)evolves depending on specific themes, insights and surroundings. Therewith, the book forms a showcase of the wide applicability of the actor-relational approach in enduring or deadlocked planning processes.

The combination of scientific exposés, column-like retrospective intermezzos and concise boxes is structured according to the main ingredients of the approach: actors, relations and approaches. The book offers an exploration of the consistencies in its (theoretical) insights, addresses future challenges in actor-relational and complexity-sensitive planning research and discusses its potential for future planning in the Eurodelta region and beyond.

About the editors

Beitske Boonstra is academic researcher at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at the Erasmus School of Social and Behav- ioral Sciences. She has expertise on active citizens and community ini- tiatives in urban development and their interactions with (local) govern- ments. She holds a PhD on civic initiatives and self-organization in spatial development at the department of urban and regional Planning, Utrecht University.

Annelies Staessen is assistant at the Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning, secretary of the Master of Science in Urbanism and Spatial Planning at Ghent University. In addition she performs a PhD. on the relationship between urban planning and the imagination of the Flemish landscape in film productions.

Peter Davids is scientific researcher within the Floodlabel project of JPI Urban. He performs a PhD. on how to manage flooding through the implementation of a floodlabel at the Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning Ghent University.