The InPlanning PhD series

How to present your PhD thesis internationally in the best possible way? How to make sure your findings will not remain unnoticed, disappear or get lost...? The InPlanning PhD series offers you to publish your thesis as a BOOK! InPlanning supports the publication of high quality and highly valued theses in the network. The InPlanning PhD series positions your PhD thesis right in the centre of the international planning community.

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Spatial relevance

InPlanning presents theses with spatial relevance to an international audience. By spatial relevance we mean those that deal with spatial design, planning theory and practice, social geography, (landscape) architecture and urban, rural and regional studies, as well as issues that relate to institutional design, decision-making, governance and choice regarding the physical environment.

International recognition

The InPlanning PhD series enjoys international recognition. All publications that are published as part of the series appear under the authority of AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning). AESOP encourages European differentiation, and therefore appreciates that InPlanning embraces publication in multiple languages. The publications in the series are consequently written in a specific European language or in English, depending on the conditions of a school or depending on national conventions with regard to PhD theses. Your thesis will become part of the InPlanning portfolio. Via InPlanning this portfolio will attract the attention of various planners and their networks.

Fastly growing & Open access

The series is growing fast: We have started publishing the PhD series in 2014 and already 20 PhD publications are made available, from various countries. Most of them are in Open access format. People can find them on the In Planning platform and read them in the InPlanning Open Acces webreader.

Digital and hard copy

InPlanning offers you the possibility to publish your thesis as a BOOK, including ISBN and DOI. All theses in the PhD series will be published digitally and in full colour, combined with a limited number of hard copies. These hard copies are books in print. Printed versions are quite often an official requirement of the defense process. We also understand your desire to have at least a few copies physically available. In negotiation with you as the PhD researcher and depending on the conventions being upheld by your school the number of printed editions will be agreed upon. Aside from the limited printed editions InPlanning will publish a digitally enhanced e-book, which is made available for a wider audience.


You are invited to make your book as attractive as possible, with plenty of space for images, photos, tables and schemes. Our e-books are also open for videos and animations. For example: you can present your book yourself in a video which could function as the preface of the book, allowing your audience to have the best possible idea about the author and his or her ideas and intentions.

Low costs

InPlanning has a policy to keep costs to a minimum. We make use of digital techniques which reduce the costs while both quality and attractiveness of the product remain intact and even increase. You will get a first rough idea of the costs by comparing your thesis with the guidelines you can find on the InPlanning website. If the guidelines result in an outcome which is unsatis- factory to you, it is negotiable to substitute parts of the publishing process by local parties, such as the printing of the books. This could reduce the costs further.

Wonderful design

Wonderful design alongside low costs and positioning your book at the centre of the planning community, InPlanning offers you a third major advantage. Your thesis will have a wonderful design, like all other InPlanning publications. You have invested a huge amount of energy in producing your thesis. The presentation of all that hard work deserves excellent design, including a cover which will attract attention and garner interest immediately. In close collabora- tion with the InPlanning Technical Team you will see your text transformed into a stunning publication. A dialogue between participants will follow through which we jointly identify the best way of expressing the theme of the thesis into an attractive and appropriate design for your book.

Information & guidelines

Do you believe your thesis would make a wonderful contribution to the InPlanning PhD Series? Please let us know! Do you have some questions remaining? We are happy to answer them for you. Send us an email with your proposal or question: Below you can download detailed Guidelines for publishing your PhD thesis on the InPlanning platform.

> Read Guidelines for publishing your PhD thesis.