Guidelines InPlanning books and PHD-series

All books and PhD theses will be published digitally and in full colour, combined with a limited number of hard copies. These hard copies are books in print. These printed versions are quite often an official requirement of the defence process. We also understand your desire to have at least a few copies physically available. In this article you will find the guidelines for publishing. It uses the publishing of a PhD thesis as an example, but the proces is the same for other kinds of (planning related) publications.

Ip boeken

In general

In negotiation with you as the PhD researcher and depending on the conventions being upheld by your school the number of printed editions will be agreed upon. Aside from the limited printed editions InPlanning will publish a digitally enhanced e-book, which is made available for a wider audience in Open Access format. You are invited to make your book as attractive as possible, with plenty of space for images, photos, tables and schemes. Our e-books are also open for videos and animations. For example: you can present your book yourself in a video which could function as the preface of the book, allowing your audience to have the best possible idea about the author and his or her ideas and intentions.

Consultation & proposal

If you are interested in publishing your PhD thesis you can contact us via e-mail. We can assess your concept text (best presented in a Word document) and we will consult and discuss your needs and wishes. We will then provide you with a clear and written down proposal that presents the conditions agreed upon, accompanied by a financial statement.

Concept design

If we agree upon the proposal and its terms and conditions we will provide you with a concept design for your thesis. If we agree upon the concept we will continue by further designing the inner pages as well as the demanded tables, graphics and other (multimedia) content. Designing your thesis (both cover and inner pages) according to the InPlanning-format is a basic requirement reflecting our high standards.

Average costs


Designing and publishing your PhD thesis will cost approximately € 5,- per designed page (in full colour). Only when using excessive amount of tables or graphics additional costs will be negotiated.

For designing the cover (front & back) € 150,- will be charged.

Printing on demand

Printing your thesis in a limited edition is possible. Prices for 'printing on demand' do become reasonable starting at 50 copies of the book. We advise a full-colour print version (cover and inner parts) but also black/white inner pages are possible to further reduce the printing costs.

Handling fee

For 150,- the InPlanning Technical Team will support you in obtaining an official ISBN number for your book and a DOI code, will make your book digitally available (in full colour) on the InPlanning Digital Platform, will negotiate with you the terms under which your book is being designed and published, and will do all what is necessary to present your book in the best possible way.


In the case of a book of 300 pages the following cost are to be expected. The cover design is € 150,-. The 300 pages will be designed for € 5,- each and the publishing/handling fee is € 150,- So for approximately € 1.800,- we can provide you with a beautiful e-book of your PhD thesis.

Printing an additional 50 copies of this book (full-colour cover and inner parts) will come at € 15,- per printed copy. This will make € 750,- (printing more copies further decreases the costs per copy).

Specifications for delivering your text

All we need is a basic Word document of your text (notes, graphs, tables and other images included) and a PDF-version of this as a check-up. Your texts have to be the definite version, so the review proces has to be finished. Of course there will be a correction phase of the proof, but major adjustments that inflict the design or number of pages will be charged as extra costs.

About the graphs and tables: No need to further design or enrich your graphs and tables as we will likely redesign the whole bunch (in accordance to your wishes of course!).


Note that your Phd-material needs to be free of any copyrights. This includes tables, figures and images, but also content based on previously published journal papers.


You should be aware that the total publishing proces from start to finish will take approximately 5 - 8 weeks, including correction and printing phases. So make sure that you start at least two-three months before your official date of promotion!

Contact us

If you just send an email to concerning your PhD-wishes we will respond in the fastest possible way.