Editorial Board

The InPlanning editorial board is the main responsible body on behalf of the participating planning schools from Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Wageningen and Ghent. To maintain a high quality standard the board decides on new book proposals and organizes a review process (if necessary).

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Editorial Board

The InPlanning publications are coordinated by the Editorial Board of InPlanning. Since 2022, this platform InPlanning is being continued and governed under the auspices of the stichting UPE, the International Urban Planning and Environment Association (KvK nummer: 41013207, founded in 1995 in the city of Groningen). In this stichting UPE, all joining planning schools are united in order to fund, host and manage the online platform InPlanning as a collaborative activity for knowledge sharing within the academic and outreach (from and) towards the wider societal community.

The editorial board currently consists of:

Contact us

You can contact us by sending an email to the chair or secretary of the foundation UPE. This foundation will continue the website of InPlanning in 2024.