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UrbanisticaTre deals with topics such as urban design and planning, environmental and landscape quality, climate change, heritage, development programs, management of territorial resources and environment, stemming from research programs and practices implemented in Italy and abroad. U3 was founded in 2002 by a core staff of the Department of Urban Studies, with a strong focus on communication issues in order to reach even the audience of undergraduates and young graduates. Since 2012 U3 has been issued by the Department of Architecture, and is the tool par excellence for the dissemination of the activities of its PhD programs and all other contributes that might come from the planning community worldwide.

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U3 challenges the potential of the web and experiences a brand new editorial formula enhancing the dialectics between the monthly issues of the columns "Rubriche" and the material content offered by the thematic notebooks "Quaderni", that are published quarterly at the care of a guest editor. U3 is open to contribution of academics, especially young researchers and Ph.Ds and all those who, at the national and international level, might and wish to express ideas or report valuable findings. We want this journal to be a place in tune with the emerging problems of the design of a more just and livable city and in touch with all new ideas and experiences regarding the prospects of a collective construction of the space. We would like it to be open to different voices and disciplines, even outside the academic world, everywhere the topics of the city and the territory are being dealt.

The main language is Italian, with English abstracts, but several contributions are provided with a full English version. U3 columns and notebooks reflect the wide range of its interest fields and host different media: texts, audios and videos. Contributions are on current research (Focus), Interviews (Conversations) notes, trip reports, exchanges and research experiences abroad (Travels), reviews and re-readings of texts (Readings), representations of cities and territories (Pictures & Videos), reports of conferences, seminars, exhibitions (Reports), insights on specific terms (Lexicon).


Chief Editor

Giorgio Piccinato, emeritus professor of urbanism, Roma Tre University, AESOP Past President, consultant to the United Nations and the European Union. He has lectured in universities worldwide and published books and essays on urban history and contemporary developments.

Editorial Team

Viviana Andriola is an urban planner who specializes in urban and regional policies (Phd in 2013 in Urban Policies and Local project). Since 2012 she has been collaborating with the Cornell in Rome Program as Teaching Associate in the Rome Workshop (City and Regional Planning).

Lorenzo Barbieri, town planner, is completing a PhD on climate change adaptation in the public transport sector. Roman born, he studied in Venice, Milan and Newcastle upon Tyne before joining Roma Tre. He is passionate about public transport, which is incidentally his main research interest along with climate change issues.

Elisabetta Capelli, anthropologist, Phd in Urban Policies, is interested in housing and social policies. Currently, she is also exploring the relationships between gambling offers and urban spaces.

Sara Caramaschi, architect, graduated in Polytechnic of Milan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Architecture at the University of Rome Tre. Her research explores the spatial and social dimensions of contemporary mobile food vending, with an emphasis on aspects of urban design and regulatory issues, as they relate to the activation and revitalization of public spaces.

Janet Hetman graduated at Polytechnic of Turin, she currently is a PhD student in Architecture and Urban Design at the Roma Tre University. The main field of interest is the urban living, within the relationship between city, architecture and sociology.

Lucia Nucci, architect, associate professor in urban design, Roma Tre University, AESOP contact person, Ph.D. and master in urban design. She has lectured in several european universities and published books and essays on contemporary city regeneration through public space design, studying particularly metropolitan and local open space system. She is the national editor of Urbanistica.

Simone Ombuen, associate professor in Urban planning and Coordinator of the Agency for Research, Department of Architecture, University of Roma Tre. Having relevant experience in the field of public intervention in large urban distressed areas and in developing complex programs of urban regeneration, currently he conducts research in planning for mitigation and adaptation with respect to climate change and on the issues of social and economic urban development.

Anna Laura Palazzo, associate Professor in Urban Planning at 'Rome Tre' University of Rome, National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Full University Professor in the sector Urban and land planning and design (Italian Ministry of University). Ph.D. in Town and Country Planning and M.S. Degree in Investigation and Restoration of Monuments. Senior researcher or coordinator in national and international research projects (Med, COST, Marie Curie, Erasmus +) dealing with regional development, urban regeneration, landscape planning. Author of several books, peer-reviewed articles and international research reports.

Francesca Porcari studied statistics and computer sciences and is in charge of the Research and PhD programs of the Department of Architecture.

Nicola Vazzoler, architect, holds a PhD in Urban Policies and Local Project from Roma Tre University. He did educational work and research at the universities of Trieste, IUAV (Venice) and Roma Tre. As a professional, he participated in the drafting process of a number of urban development plans. He works with and online journals UrbanisticaTre and Planum.

Scientific Committee

Thomas Angotti, City University of New York

Orion Nello Colom, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Carlo Donolo, Università La Sapienza

Valter Fabietti, Università di Chieti-Pescara

Max Welch Guerra, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Michael Hebbert, University College London

Daniel Modigliani, Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica

Luiz Cesar de Queiroz Ribeiro, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Vieri Quilici, Università Roma Tre

Christian Topalov, École des hautes études en sciences sociales

Rui Manuel Trindade Braz Afonso, Universidade do Porto


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