InPlanning PhD Series

Phd valentinmeilinger cover def

Sewers, Ponds, and Gardens

Technology and the Politics of Circular Water Flow in Los Angeles. This dissertation undertakes a critical inquiry into urban water circularity in practice. Read more ico

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Flooded with Expectations

This thesis addresses the complexity of increasing residents' involvement in flood risk governance and reduces that complexity by conveying a greater understanding of residents' perspectives. Read more ico

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(How) do flood-prone cities build resilience?

Urban resilience is almost unanimously identified as an inherently positive guiding principle in the risk reduction policy field. However, limited attention is paid to the learning dimension of resilience-building. Read more ico

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Policy Design and Infrastructure Planning

This PhD research adopts a policy design perspective that revolves around the conscious effort of matching policy instruments to policy goals in order to attain desired outcomes. Read more ico

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Rethinking Floodlabel

This dissertation investigates how floodlabel can be effective in flood risk management. It adopts a relational approach to the complexity of behavioral change of homeowners in flood risk management. Read more ico